Russ Feingold founded LegitPAC to support progressive candidates and causes in the fight for legitimacy. LegitPAC members believe we must support campaigns that will defend our democracy and its institutions against the efforts by wealthy and special interests intent on making the government serve them.

Thanks to the rise of dark money in elections after the Citizens United ruling, massive amounts of outside spending have been pouring into elections and threatening to drown out progressive candidates and causes. A democracy is only legitimate when it is elected by the people and answerable to the people — and it will only answer to the people if the people engage in the election process.

LegitPAC supporters are already engaging in the elections of our endorsed campaigns. Together with Russ Feingold, we can show that no amount of dark money can drown out the legitimate voices of everyday Americans. Donate to a LegitPAC candidate or coalition below to add your contribution.

Show your support: Doug Jones — U.S. Senate, Alabama
Doug Jones is a lifelong advocate for civil rights, and his race for Senate in Alabama will have consequences for democratic legitimacy across America.

Show your support: Tammy Baldwin — U.S. Senate, Wisconsin
Senator Baldwin fought tenaciously against confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court after Barack Obama — and the majority of voters who elected him — were denied the rightful opportunity to fill that seat.

Show your support: Elizabeth Warren — U.S. Senate, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Warren has been a vocal supporter of the Fair Elections Now Act, DISCLOSE Act, and Shareholder Protection Act, and she’s been a leader on investigating conflicts of interest with the Trump transition.

Show your support: Josh Kaul — Wisconsin attorney general
Josh Kaul has won major legal victories to expand access to early voting and reduce barriers to registration. He’s committed to voting rights and other key pillars of democratic legitimacy.

Show your support: Sherrod Brown — U.S. Senate, Ohio
Sherrod Brown introduced the Foreclosure Fraud and Homeowner Abuse Prevention Act to hold too-big-to-fail banks accountable, and he co-sponsored the DISCLOSE Act to tighten protections against illegal campaign contributions.

Show your support: Florida Voting Restoration Amendment
The Voting Restoration Amendment is an initiative that would restore the ability to vote to nearly 1.5 million rehabilitated felons in Florida — the state with the largest population of disenfranchised former felons in the country.