“I launched LegitAction to restore our democracy to the people. Our democracy is only legitimate if it represents the will of the people. In civics class, students learn the importance of ‘consent of the governed.’ It is what sets us apart from dictatorships across the globe.” – Russ Feingold

Former senator Russ Feingold founded LegitAction because we are progressives who could no longer stand by while the legitimacy of our democracy is threatened. We believe that our democracy cannot be taken for granted, but rather must be protected and its legitimacy upheld. We rally and organize other progressives around four pressing threats to our democracy, and galvanize action at the national, state, and local levels to restore our democratic legitimacy.

“Increasingly, the voice of the people is being silenced by corporations and dark money; voters are being suppressed by voter ID laws, felon disenfranchisement, and hyper-partisan gerrymandering; and our institutions are being used to benefit a few. We have to restore the power of the people, or we will wake up one day and wonder where our democracy went.” 

Our mission is to advocate for the restoration and protection of a legitimate U.S. government that is accountable to its citizens by raising awareness of the political forces and special interests undermining our country’s credibility and legitimacy. We aim to empower individuals and grassroots organizations committed to these same issues by raising awareness, making information accessible, and elevating local voices and connecting them to larger organizations.

Our vision is a government that is legitimate and accountable to its people. For this to happen, we need a government that allows and encourages unimpeded participation from every citizen and reflects its citizens in its actions.