Why LegitAction?

Our democracy is facing its biggest legitimacy crisis in a generation or more. Over the past seven plus years, the GOP and their billion-dollar corporate backers have led an assault on four of the most important pillars of our democracy, and as a result the legitimacy of our system of government is in peril.

  1. The Right to Vote: The GOP has pursued systematic voter suppression at the state level, intentionally making it harder for minorities and low-income citizens to vote.
  2. The Popular Vote: Two of our last three presidents have won the White House while losing the national popular vote because of the esoteric system known as the Electoral College.
  3. Campaign Finance Reform: Since the Citizens United ruling, we have seen a rise in electoral bribery and corruption.
  4. The Supreme Court: The GOP torched the legitimacy of our highest court last year when they abandoned their constitutional responsibilities by blocking Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination.

These are four real threats to our democratic legitimacy, and together, they resulted in Donald Trump.

I want to continue to do my part to fight for our democracy, which is why I launched LegitAction to help restore our democratic legitimacy. Together, we will fight to undo Citizens United, protect voting rights, end the Electoral College, and protect the Supreme Court.

I hope you will join me in this fight.